Saturday, January 9, 2010

Early Morning Rambles

I am never awake at 7:00 a.m. Never.

But then I've been kinda sick and spent a lot more of yesterday in bed than I'm used to.

Anyway, I've been gone for almost a month, and I apologize. Blogspot is just a weird thing to me compared to my previous blogging community. Maybe I'm just kind of an idiot and haven't figured things out yet, but it seems harder to find people here than it was on xanga. Anyway, after a month of moderately consistent bloggage (and commentage on a few friends' blogs) I was still without any following and slightly discouraged. My signing on a moment ago was also the first signing-on in a month and just sort of a random thing. I found I should have checked up on blogspot sooner, as I discovered it had earned me a free cd and a follower (many thanks to Sarah and Becky XD)!

Now, for this post to earn its title, I must vent my frustrations on my nose. Would that my nasal passages had pants in which I could give them a swift kick. You know how when you're congested and you can only breathe properly through one nostrel at a time and that nostrel REALLY gets to hurtin'? Exactly. TMI? Maybe, but there are scarier things I could tell you.

No pants to kick, so I think I'ma go snort salt water instead.

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