Thursday, February 11, 2010

Official Super-Rad Video of the Week and Other Stuff

What that other stuff may be I have not yet decided.

Anyway, I'm kinda lame, not having posted an Official Super-Rad video last week, PLUS, I can't actually embed this video. You'll have to click the following link (and probably be logged on to facebook):

It may only be super-rad late at night, plus the goober on the left is my cousin, but STILL. It made me giggle hardcore, plus I haven't seen anything else official-super-rad-video-of-the-week-worthy, so there ya go. Enjoy the antics of Michelle and the young lady who is quite possibly her roommate.

Other random awesome things:

- In cleaning out a set of drawers that have not been sifted through for a minimum of four years, I found $20 I didn't know I had.

- Today was day 23 without soda. That, accompanied by eating better (I think), makes for slightly looser clothes. Or it may just be wishful thinking.

- I STILL have not taken down my Christmas Tree. It's been there so long I kinda forget that it is not part of my year-round decor. Same goes for the popcorn/cranberry garland draped along my window frame.

- I almost stole toilet paper the other night, and I probably would have gotten away with it, too. I carry the bag in my hand for all the world to see, TOTALLY spacing, and march right to the exit. I come to a sudden halt directly in the middle of the open automatic door, eyes popping, let out a quiet exclamation I should probably not repeat here, turn around and go to the register to pay. Nobody even twitched.

- Tonight was just a great rehearsal in choir. Not sure why, but I was in rather excellent form. Anyway, I had particular fun, which of course meant that rehearsal ended too soon for my liking. Ah well.

- Tomorrow I'm working a full eight hours at the church instead of the usual five. Extra hours FTW.

That is all. Good night!

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