Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Good Week

A little list of things that made me smile this week:

- The return of my bestest best friend to SW Missouri. YES.

- Chocolate Peanut Butter Fondue at the Mud Lounge. That stuff's just...whoa. I mean...we're talking third date stuff right there. Or Girls' Night Out stuff. Okay, that sounded weird. I'm just saying, that stuff is really really good.

- Visiting Bolivar and reminding oneself just how soon one will be living there again. Say what you will, call me crazy, but I love that town. It is where the people dearest to me are - outside of my family - with only one, maybe two exceptions, and somehow it just seems to be better for my spiritual well-being. It's almost as though I like myself better when I'm in BoMo.

- Standing/walking in the rain.

- LIGHTNING. Lightning is kind of my "God thing." I don't know if that makes any sense, but there's nothing reminds me of the Father's power and artistry and love for me quite like an evening lightning display.

- Birthday Night! No, not mine. Sorry. See, every third Wednesday of the month at choir rehearsal, two or three people will bring yummy goodies in honor of that month's birthdays for everyone to enjoy after singing our hearts out. My dear friend, Marie, and I took charge this month. Praise for her pizza bread (as usual), my hummus, and our RAINBOW CAKE (see previous entry) abounded.

- Talking three different times in one day with a guy you really really like. Yeah...

- Sassy. She's the new Pomeranian puppy my aunt and uncle brought home a week ago. Granted, I prefer big dog breeds over the small ones, but all dogs are small when they're puppies, and what human being with a heart doesn't appreciate puppies on principle? Plus, she's just the funnest little ball of fluff.

- Taking care of SEVEN 4-6-yr-olds by oneself and NOT experiencing the urge to scream or curl up into the fetal position. Those kids were amazing today. Good times were had.

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