Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Story I Promised You

Okay, so my username for lots and lots of different online accounts I've had over the past few years has been "Bellezza Impavida," sometimes without a space, sometimes with an underscore instead of a space, whatevs. This is the basic outline. What in the world does that mean, you ask? Actually, you probably don't because if you ever do read this then you've probably known me long enough that you don't need to ask. But I'll still explain for those who don't know.

The language is Italian. The meaning is "Fearless Beauty." It came to me at a time when I needed to make up a username and I wanted something in Italian that had something to do with having the courage to be oneself in all one's beauty and being exactly what God made one to be (I had just finished reading Captivating). After entering a few different phrases meaning roughly the same thing into a translator, I came out with Bellezza Impavida - fearless beauty.

I still love this phrase and would like to have it tattooed on me someday, though maybe in Greek. I'm not sure yet. But a lot has changed since creating this name and, truth be told, I feel a lot farther from fearless nowadays than I was back then, to the point where calling myself "fearless beauty" - even as my own personal reminder - just seems really fake. So I decided to be a bit more honest. I switched to French for my blogspot title because a) I think it sounds better than using "Bella" and b) if I'm going to be accidentally associated with any fictional character, I'd much rather it be my favorite Disney princess of all time than some devoid-of-personality child who's willing to cheat death just so she can hallucinate her ex's voice.

I almost ranted there for a second. Tee hee.

So there you have it - a better understanding of my title choice plus a smidge of Twilight hatin' to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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