Thursday, December 2, 2010

Good things to know

It's things like having your vehicle ransacked that really show you who the healthy people in your life are.

You remember the discussion concerning "you can" and "you will" versus "you should" and "you need to"? I'm talking about the encouragers versus the nags. Not that the nags are totally devoid of valid arguments, but will not humanity ever learn that nagging is rarely effective and certainly never healthy?

Unfortunately, I cannot ever be rid of them, but perhaps they are present in my life so that I might not take for granted the encouragers. Truly, there are certain people in my life without whom I am pretty sure I would be a mere shell of a human being, and anything else said people might do to frustrate me is instantly forgiven when they ensure me of all the things I am capable of accomplishing.

There were those who spoke to me almost as though it served me right when Indy was pillaged. Yes, perhaps later I would have agreed that some valuable and much-needed lessons were learned, but to react not an hour afterward as though to suspect me of lying, and then proceed to speak to me like I deserve it?

But that's not what I'm here to write about.

There were others, you see. There were people who stood waiting for me in their doorway as I pulled up, holding a trash bag, ready to cover my broken window. There were people who urged me not to hold back as I ranted and raved, and then showed me how I was going to take this slam, turn it around, and use it to fully appreciate all the good things that have come my way recently. There were people who hugged me. People who got angrier than I did. People who asked, before anything else, if I was okay.

Those are some damn good people. Thank you, Jesus, for those people.

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