Thursday, October 28, 2010

On the other hand...

You know those times where you think of the things you should have said about an hour after you should have said them (or a day...or five minutes...either way it's too late)?

It's the story of my life, and I don't just mean the witty things. I'm talking about the things that needed to be said. The ways I really should have reacted. Yeah, we agreed that "the joke" needed to die, but it was a window into okay-really-where-is-this-going? and I managed to not even think of saying anything else outside of "yeah...that joke probably needs to die."

There's no telling how many conversations in my life have gone like this:

"And I mean, really, (insert thought here)."

"Well, did you tell him/her so?"

"No, I didn't think of it until (later, this morning, just now, etc.)."

I know I'm not alone, but man.

On an entirely unrelated note, what the hell is up with this twitter thing on the left about Oprah??? I didn't write that. Oprah annoys me. Who the f*** is hacking my twitter??

EDIT: Nobody hacked my twitter. The widget only displayed tweets from "FearlessBeauty," but I recently changed my username to "ericarhyn" and twitter didn't keep up. Apparently whoever decided to become FearlessBeauty after me is super inspired by Oprah.

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