Thursday, November 19, 2009

The All-Important Introductory Post

Yeah...I did it. I held back for soooooo long, but I finally joined blogspot.


Now I feel a slightly stronger obligation to write deeper, more intellectual, or all-around better stuff. At any rate, something less like a diary (here's to the decline of emotasticality) and more like a blog. Maybe this is just my weirdness kicking in, but still. Can I really keep up such a publication (a term I use loosely)? We shall see.

With all that said, I haven't a single blogsome inspiration.

Twilight? No, everbody and their cradle-robbing mom is going on about them, mostly in one of the polar-opposite "squee" or "rant" fashions. Let's lay off.

Obama? Would that I were politically savvy enough to concoct anything worthy of blogspot. I'm just not ready for that can of worms. I'd be better prepared for the Twilight worm-can, sadly...very sadly. Let's just cross off Sarah Palin and her grandbaby-daddy, Oprah Winfrey, economic peril and the entire Middle East while we're at it (disclaimer: I speak only of America's current political relations/struggles with the Middle East and have nothing against the region. Were I referring to culture, I would be glad to discuss the Middle East.).

An odd thing I've noticed about myself is that, while there are all these gripping drama series on TV these days (every time I call my family, there's a 95% chance someone is watching NCIS), and while I do myself enjoy them, I will almost always ditch these crime-fighting/life-saving epics in favor of the meandering antics of Anthony Bourdain or Andrew Zimmern. Yes, I loves me some quirky travel documentary shows. Mainly these two, though. Nobody else on Travel Channel is really worth it, but these guys are my favorites and I fangirl them.

But then, I was always more taken with the idea of foreign cultures than the majority of my peers (a tragic obsession for a rural midwest girl to harbor, by the way). In third grade when the teacher let the class create its own collective spelling list, I was the kid who opened her social studies book to the world map on the back inside cover and tried to get Mozambique approved as a spelling word (they shot me down on that one, but I think Madagascar went through okay).

No, I was not a popular kid growing up.

Next time on A Semi-Fearless Belle, the story behind the site name and who knows what else.

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