Saturday, November 21, 2009

Inner Workings

So it turns out I lied. I don't feel like getting into the depth of explaining my blog title, and yet I do feel like blogging, thus the subject matter will be something other than what I previously led you the reader to believe.

I took apart an old and broken watch of mine hoping there would be gears in there big enough for use in the craftsy area. Alas, today's watches just don't have what I need. I think there's a tiny circle of metal somewhere on my (fake) hardwood floor still because I simply cannot find it. Sadly this will mean hunting down watches hopefully old enough (and cheap enough) to get real gears out of them. I'm hoping to circumvent ebay if at all possible. I know it's got a whole crackton of exactly what I need, but still. It's complicated. Plus I just kinda like flea markets.

I will say though...I'm visiting my hardcore packrat of a darling grandmother for Thanksgiving, so there's no telling what sort of treasures I might find now that I care. If I have time to look, that is. Here's hopin'.

What's everyone else doing for Thanksgiving?

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